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More about SponsorOur.Club

Our aim is simple, to build the largest online marketplace for sports clubs available sponsorship packages.

Listing each individual package from any sports club into a simple and easy to use online search platform which can be published online via our own and of course each individual clubs social media pages to attract potential sponsors.

By registering your club to join our platform we can help showcase and promote your sponsorship packages to prospective new partners.

Our search category narrows down the options for any prospective sponsor to look through each of our carefully selected categories to find exactly what they are looking for and where to place their respective company brand.

When you register it’s easy to edit/change your listings and you can add as many different listings as you wish. The more packages listed the more possibility to find new partners and it’s not necessarily the cheapest package price which secures the deal! The additional up-sell element when a prospective sponsor makes contact is key to ongoing success.

SponsorOur.Club does not sell your sponsorship for you, however we help create a professional sales tool for which you as a club can use and publish to attract interest from your existing fans, partners and social media following.

It’s simple to use and cost-effective at just £5.00 per 30 days listing coverage for each listing that you place. You can select a longer listing time if you wish, alongside editing/changing each listing to keep up-to-date with availability and club progress.